Carlos & Susanne

We are an ordinary couple who has experienced some gut-wrenching times in our 25-years of marriage and desire to use what we have learned to help others who may be struggling with the negative impact that workaholism is having on their lives.

Our marriage was severely impacted by workaholism that Carlos embodied for many years of his career working for a software company and running his own business. We have been at the brink of a divorce, we have seen what the unhinged focus of professional achievement coupled with ego can do to destroy a relationship.

We have both lost ourselves and put our identities into the wrong things, and have seen the impact that neglect has on a marriage and family.

The good news is, we have seen our way clear of that and are now more committed than ever to focus on our relationship and help others give the best of themselves to their relationships and their work. As we often say, we are in our second marriage to the same but very different people and it has impacted our work in the best of ways.

It can be done, there is Hope, Connection & Relief. We are living proof of that and we invite you to join our community and learn more about our story. We encourage you to ask for help, be open to change and begin living a life where you get true fulfillment from your personal and professional life.

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