For Alan Thomas, there was a day not that long ago when time stood still. He was 55 and as he looked down at the scale the number 304 lbs looked back at him. As he looked down at the scale, there were three thoughts that he had - he could not recall ever meeting a 65 year old man that was more than 100 pounds overweight, meaning that he likely had less than 10 years to live.  He would likely be known as his wife's first husband, since he would probably be dead in less than 10 years and all of his dreams would be cut short by his obesity.

This experience led Thomas to commit to change and in November of 2017, he publically stated his commitment on his Facebook page and that was to lose 129 lbs in 252 days. Not only did Thomas reach his goal, but he also reached it five days ahead of schedule.

In this episode of The Life Design Podcast, Thomas shares his transformation story, discusses how he now helps others transform their lives, and reminds those that struggle that it is never about the weight. Thomas discusses the idea that whatever belief we hold to, that is the one that will make us right and challenges all to begin living a life they are capable of living.

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