There is much that has been written about mindfulness, but few have studied it and explain it as well as Elaine Smookler. 

As a registered psychotherapist (RP), corporate trainer, teacher, and writer, Elaine is on faculty at the Centre for Mindfulness Studies where she teaches many programs including Mindfulness for Beginners, MBCT (Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy), and MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction). She is also a feature writer and "Inner Wisdom" columnist for Mindful Magazine, and offers mindfulness therapies online to corporations through eMindful. 

In this episode of The Life Design Podcast, Smookler talks about the power of mindfulness, how we can learn to be more aware of ourselves, and what it means to be present. She shares insight on us being our own best friends, how life is a banquet table, and the value of asking ourselves if what we are doing is nourishing or depleting?

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