All of us have had our fork in the road moments. Those times when we are faced with key decisions that we have to make as well as those times when life throws things at us that we could have never expected. What would those times look like if we allowed ourselves to sit in the quiet and imagine if? 

"Imagine If" has been the ethos for Rachel Downey for the last number of years starting with the premature birth of her daughter. In this episode of The Life Design Podcast, Downey shared her approach to Life Design and how "Imaging If" has led her to create a successful business, be a mom to three great kids, and have a vibrant marriage.

Downey shares how she seeks to be intentional in all areas of her life, the approach she takes to define boundaries, why you do not need a Plan B, and the power we can all have if we allow ourselves to "Imagine If".

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