Tiffany Krumins was awarded $50,000 on the PILOT episode of Shark Tank. Tiffany's brainchild was inspired by a sweet-natured boy with Down syndrome who struggled to take medication. As his nanny, Tiffany tried her best to soothe his anxiety. With lightning creativity, she combined fabric, sponges, and a medicine dropper, and breathed life into her creation by embedding a recordable sound chip from a greeting card. Ava the Elephant ® was born and is now one of Shark Tank's most well-known and beloved successes.

A respected inventor, iHeartRadio podcast host, motivational speaker, successful entrepreneur, and mother of three, Tiffany now leads her teams with the daily intention that business success and personal fulfillment are not mutually exclusive.

In this last episode before the summer break of The Life Design Podcast Tiffany joined to share her Life Design Insights, talk about the power of saying no, feeling peace, and dealing with trauma.

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